Vietnam Cashew News

For the past few weeks, since buyers in Europe and Northern America have had a long summer break, we have witnessed few transactions with those buyers. However, it is expected that the market will be less quiet from the beginning of September.
Transactions with Chinese buyers have been quite stable for the first half of this year. Yet, business people are not very willing to carry out transactions during July Lunar Month; therefore, within the past 2 weeks, there have not been many activities of exporting cashew kernels to China.
Prices of cashew kernels for export (reference only).
WW240: 3.75-3.85usd/lb FOB HCM
WW320: 3.30-3.40usd/lb FOB HCM
WW450: 3.00-3.10usd/lb FOB HCM
SW320: 3.00-3.10usd/lb FOB HCM
WS: 2.20-2.30usd/lb FOB HCM
LP: 1.45-1.55usd/lb FOB HCM

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