Crop 2013 the cold storage garlic market forecast is as follows:.

There are totally about 2200000tons garlic in the cold store all of China now.there are many empty cold warehouses this year because many people were waiting for the garlic price dropping ,but finally didn't drop ,so many people has no time to collect the garlic . So the quantity is normal as before.

The demand for the material of dehydrated garlic is still big and the factories are keeping collecting because the dehydrated garlic market is also keeping increasing.
So the price for cold storage garlic won't decrease.only increase a lot or increase little .

The idea price will start from usd800(5.0) to usd1000(6.0) and goes to usd1000 (5.0) to usdd1000 to usd1200(5.0 to 6.0) for normal white garlic.

The cold storaged garlic can be shipped from mid of september.

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