New crop 2013 Sweet Paprika information as following.

Paprika harvest one time in Xinjiang, China in middle september, and sundry 20-30days in desert,
first shipment can be delivered in early November.

1. Regarding the planting area, the infomation is still the same as the begining. It decreased 25%-30%.
But the unit yeild quantity per hector is more than last year.
It is estimated that the best land could yeild 8250kg--9000kg per hector. It almost 30%-35% more than last year.
So we have a expection that the total yield quantity could be the same with last year, that is, about 70000-80000mt.

2. Regarding the harvest time, even if the weather is good, the harvest time will still be about two weeks later than last year.
That could be the begining of October.

3. Regarding the quality, from the visual judgement, the ASTA is higher than last year.
But we don't make the test yet. Regarding the hotness, there will be no problem.

4. There is a new phenomenon this year.
There are factories who make sauce from fresh paprika pods.
There will be certain quantity consumed by this kind of factory.

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