peanut report

Entering in September£¨the amount of new domestic peanuts continue to increase. Relative to demand, peanuts are over supply. Exporters wait, the large oil refinery factories do not buy peanuts now, domestic sales are sluggish. Most farmers and traders are waiting and seeing. And the peanut prices will be still reasonable returned step by step.

The details of different areas for crop 2013 peanuts,

-Jiangxi, market is weak and prices are falling down. Raw materials (all sizes together) are $1500/mt.

-Hubei, market is standstill; raw materials are $1340-1470/mt.

-Shandong, less new peanuts are ok for sell and price is fall down. Raw materials of haihua are $1612/mt. Most new peanuts will be from land until mid of septemper.

-Hebei, same with Shandong, and the new crop will be second half of septempter.

-Northeast china, Liaoning, jilin, the peanuts areas, all peanuts are still growing in the lands. Considering the cold winter and lots of rains, in the whole sight, less output than last year's.

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