Xinjiang Round Shape Light Speckle kidney beans 2013 crop are in its late growth,as follows:
1) Harvest will begin from Mid of Sep , and will last to end of October.

2) Seeded area in Altay 2013 was increase by at least 10%, but among them, in North Altay beans crop are in worse condition, the crop are damaged by desease "Bean Fusarium Wilt", almost 20-30% yields will be lose contributed to excess rain and cool weather during this summer. There are only 40% of total 2013 crop are in good average condition.

3)Total production 2013 estimated only 85-90% of 2012 crop.

4)Up to now, we can not quote you firm offer as there are not new beans available.

5)Estimated collecting price will be much higher than 2012 because of shortage, many exporters regard 2013 beans FOB price will be same level with beginning of 2011 crop.


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