12th World Spice Congress - 2014
Sustainability and Food Safety: Global Initiatives

Businesses that have their roots in 'agriculture'?look into the future with concern. The spice industry is not any different. Where will our raw material come from? What about "Quality"? Will it be Pesticide/Aflatoxin free? How long can we sustain our supplies? How do we reduce the ecological and social impact of our actions, thereby insuring the future?

The future of the industry depends on how effectively it responds to these challenges, today.

Inviting you to be a part of this BIG revolution

Join us, as all the industry (growers, manufacturers, regulators, service providers, et al) join hands together to sustain the goodness of spices, into the future.

The Congress brings together global thought leaders, policy defining bodies as well as leading players from the spice processing industry and the food & beverage companies, onto one global platform.

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